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From NY to Netanya

Laniado Hospital is Training Medical Students from Abroad

nivenMichael, Adam, Isaac,  Arthur and Rostic  came to Israel from the United States and Canada to study medicine at the Technion. They are performing their clinical rotations at Laniado, where they are supervised by Dr. Mark Niven, Director of Laniado’s Diabetes Center, in his capacity as a lecturer at the Technion. What brings a young man with a master's degree in brain research to  Laniado Hospital?  Why do they come to Israel to study medicine?   

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Ebola drill at Laniado

AbulaA drill was held at Laniado Hospital this week, similar to those being held in medical facilities around the world,  to test Emergency Room preparedness in case of the arrival of an Ebola patient.  
The entire Emergency Room  staff - doctors, nurses, receptionists, cleaning personnel and security guards – took part in the drill, receiving precise instructions on  how to identify and safely isolate a person suspected of carrying the Ebola infection.  Receptionists  were instructed to ask all incoming patients  whether they had visited Africa in recent weeks and whether they had fever.   If the response is positive the security staff is alerted and after donning protective gear, they accompany the patient to a special isolation room. The reception and security staff must ensure that the patient remains  in the entrance hall and does not enter the Emergency Room. 

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Elastography medical imaging software acquired by Mammography Institute averts the need for most biopsies


Elastography medical imaging software acquired by Mammography Institute averts the need for most biopsies
The Ministry of Health has determined that all women between the ages of 50-70 must undergo mammography screening every two years in order to detect breast cancer.  Early detection can often save lives.
Laniado Hospital’s Mammography Institute has the best medical equipment available today, including mammography, ultrasound, and Mammotome machines.  In the very near future it will also acquire an MRI device. When one of the examinations reveals a lesion in the breast, it is often necessary to perform a biopsy to determine whether or not the growth is malignant. The biopsy is performed by the insertion of a needle in order to remove and diagnose a sample of the suspicious tissue.  

The hospital has recently acquired the elastography medical imaging software program that improves ultrasound capability by examining the elasticity of lumps detected in the breast and differentiating benign from malignant lesions.  

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New Thyroid Unit, headed by Dr. Pinchas Klein, to open at Laniado
Unit will serve patients from Haifa to Herzliya

pinchasA new Thyroid Treatment Unit is opening shortly at Laniado Hospital.   The new unit, headed by Dr. Pinchas Klein, will treat all symptoms associated with thyroid malfunction, and will be a center for the treatment of malignancies.  The concentration of all services under one roof will spare patients long run-arounds, standing in line and waiting for test results.  
The unit will work in close cooperation with the pathologist at Laniado, who will be present when biopsies are performed, obviating the need for a repeat biopsy in the case of insufficient extraction of suspicious tissue.

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Mammotome device acquired by Laniado’s Mammography Institute enables the early detection and biopsy of lumps in the breast as small as 0.1 mm without surgery


Several years ago the Ministry of Health published a recommendation for all women between the ages of 50-70 to undergo mammography screening every two years, in response to the relatively high incidence of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

Cancer cells may develop in a woman's breast tissue in the form of lumps or calcifications.  When such a lump or calcification is detected, a biopsy - a sample of the suspicious tissue - must be performed.  An ultrasound-guided biopsy makes it possible to see where the needle is inserted in order to identify the suspicious area most accurately.  If a lump is found during this examination, the biopsy is performed with the ultrasound machine.  However, the ultrasound device cannot detect micro-calcifications that may indicate the presence of a malignancy. These can be seen only by mammography. 

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Kidney Transplant Follow-Up Clinic to Open at Laniado

Clinic will serve Tel Aviv to Haifa area mordo
For hundreds of patients in Israel who suffer from terminal renal failure, kidney transplantation provides a new lease on life.   Transplant recipients are able to work and function normally and have a relatively long life expectancy.   Women can even become pregnant. Today, six hospitals in Israel are permitted  to perform transplants: Beilinson, Sheba, and Ichilov in the Tel Aviv area, Rambam in Haifa , Soroka in Beer Sheva,  and Hadassah in Jerusalem.
While the procedure has a very high success rate, recipients need to remain under medical supervision for life, and must be monitored regularly in order to ensure that the transplanted kidney is functioning  properly.    Due to the large number of tranplantees in Israel , however,  the transplant follow-up clinics at the hospitals that perform  the transplants are overcrowded,  with long waits.
The new follow-up clinic to be opened at Laniado will alleviate this situation significantly.  Under the direction of senior nephrologist Dr. Valerie Mordechovich,  the clinic will offer  monitoring service for kidney recipients living in the Tel Aviva to Haifa area, starting one year after the implantation.    The concentration of medication  in the bloodstream will be checked and an ultrasound of the kidneys,  blood tests and urinalysis will be performed.  The clinic will also cooperate with other medical bodies to examine the effect of the transplanted kidney on the other systems in the body.
 "The kidney transplant follow-up clinic at Laniado Hospital will check the recipients on a regular basis,” says Dr. Mordechovich.  “It will advise them about balancing medication and examine the various parameters of renal functioning,  and also provide support and counseling for pregnant women who underwent kidney transplants. "  The clinic will maintain contact with the center where the transplants were performed.

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The "Meow Team" Enhances Quality of Life for Elderly
The Miriam Temkin Animal-Therapy Program at Laniado's Beit Avraham

RAN 6045-1

Shlomit Kroitoru found Muli at the age of one week in the courtyard of her home in Netanya– alone, hungry and frightened.  She brought the tiny kitten home, where he joined her family of seven cats and four dogs.  She bottled-fed him with special formula every three hours,  burped him after feedings, and placed hot water bottles in the little box that served as his bed to maintain his body temperature. 

Now, six months later, Muli is returning the love and the warmth he received in spades.  Twice a week, Shlomit, who is a therapist specializing in geriatrics  at Laniado Hospital in Netanya, bundles the round-eyed cat into a carrier and drives him  to the hospital’s Beit Avraham Geriatric  Center - a spacious, modern facility that provides a continuum of holistic health care for the elderly, frail and ill and those suffering from general deterioration. Thanks to the Miriam Temkin Animal Therapy Program, Muli brightens the lives of the residents, giving them comfort and love.