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Laniado has Real Quality 

Best hospital

Last week, the Ministry of Health published a report on the National Programme for Quality Indicators in Israeli hospitals. The report, which examined a number of medical indices, found that Laniado Hospital leads medicine in Israel in two indices, generating a wave of positive reaction from the media.    

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Maintaining the Rhythm at Laniado

Dr LeorNew at Laniado’s Goldhammer Heart Institute: electrophysiology laboratory for the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia
The Goldhammer Heart Institute at Laniado Hospital, which only last summer acquired a new catheterization machine, continues to upgrade.  It has just opened a new, state-of-the-art electrophysiology laboratory, with cutting-edge equipment that enables physicians to treat various heartbeat disorders. Patients in the Sharon area will be able to receive the  most innovative treatment without long waits for appointments.

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Self-Monitoring Tool Developed at Laniado’s pharmacy

saiidSelf-Monitoring Tool Developed at Laniado’s pharmacy
Proposed for Adoption by European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Complex work processes that involve transferring prescriptions between departments and transporting drugs in a large medical center require close supervision. Pharmacy management necessitates strict control procedures. The Director of Laniado Hospital’s pharmacy, Mr. Said Amarna, has developed an innovative self-monitoring tool for this purpose. 

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Center for the treatment of victims of sexual assault opens at Laniado

ASSAULTA ceremony to mark the opening of the Center for the Treatment of Victims of Sexual Abuse at Laniado Hospital was held on  February 11, 2015.  Attending were  representatives of Magen David Adom, the police, social services, women's centers and others. The moving force behind the opening of the center is  Ms. Noga Aharoni, representative of “City without Violence” at the  Netanya Municipality, and Ms. Betty Koren,  director of the Center for Victims of Sexual Assault in the Sharon Region. The Center was established with the assistance of a generous donation from the Center for Victims of Sexual Assault in the Sharon Region to purchase a colposcopy system, making it possible to document findings and submit them as legal  evidence.  The center, which will work in close cooperation with the Institute of Forensic Medicine, offers legal-medical services to collect evidence against the attacker that is admissible in court.  "This is wonderful news for residents of the Sharon area,”  said social worker Edna Segal, director of  social work at Laniado Hospital, who headed the multi-disciplinary staff involved in setting up the center.

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Saving Energy at Laniado

save energyNewly installed heating and cooling project carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy.
“A large medical center like Laniado requires huge amounts of energy to heat and cool the departments and operating theatres,” says engineer Moshe Klein, director of infrastructure at the hospital. “Therefore, management invested long months looking into the most efficient and cost effective air control system available, one that meets the strict requirements of a large medical center and is capable of providing the large amounts of energy needed.”
At the end of the investigation, which was coordinated by Klein, it was decided to replace   the chiller system that supplies energy to Laniado Hospital’s west wing with a new system. 

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New Center for Invasive Cardiology Dedicated at Laniado Hospital's Heart Institute

Dr LeorCatheterization machine gift of philanthropist, Rabbi Zvi Rysman from Los Angeles

The Sanz Medical Center-Laniado Hospital in Netanya added yet another jewel to its illustrious crown, with the dedication of the new Zvi & Betty Ryzman Family Invasive Cardiology Center at its Heart Institute.  The  recent acquisition of a new, state-of-the-art catheterization machine, one of the most sophisticated in the world, was made possible thanks to the magnanimous donation of the noted philanthropist Rabbi Zvi Ryzman and family from Los Angeles, California.