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Laniado Hospital mobilizes to help pregnant wives of reserve soldiers who were called up

Private midwives assigned to women who come to give birth without their husbandszav8

Over 40,000 reserve soldiers have been called up in Operation “Protective Edge,” to protect the homeland during these times of escalated terror attacks.   In support of the war effort, Laniado Hospital is offering a private midwife free of charge to the soldiers’ pregnant wives who are about to give birth.  

When the expectant mother  arrives at the Emergency Room of the Maternity Department,  and reports  being the wife of a reservist who has been called up to active duty,  she is assigned a private midwife.  The midwife personally accompanies her through labor and birth and afterwards, providing support and assistance in the absence of her husband.

This project was initiated by the midwives themselves and was quickly approved by the administration.   "I'm glad to be able to help women whose husbands were called up,” says Penina Rosenwasser, a senior midwife at Laniado.   “This is the small contribution we, the midwives, can make for these wonderful women.   The idea to do this came following a visit to one of the bereaved families, in which the widow is in an advanced stage of pregnancy. I realized that there is something that only we, as midwives, can offer women whose husbands have been called up – to accompany them during the birth process.  I thank the   Laniado administration for its responsiveness to our initiative.   

Delivery room phone number:    09-860-4653/9

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Pregnancy under Fire

pregnant01A relatively high percentage of pregnant women suffer from various levels of anxiety symptoms.  Studies show that approximately 33% of pregnant women suffer from some type of anxiety disorder during their pregnancy. The current security situation in Israel is undoubtedly a significant factor in the development of anxiety disorders among pregnant women in areas under attack.  Dr. Ron Rosenberg, a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Laniado Hospital, explains what an anxiety attack is, what the impact of anxiety on mother and the fetus is, and how anxiety during pregnancy should be treated. .
Large areas in Israel are exposed to the threat of missiles from Gaza.  Feelings of fear and anxiety are natural during such a tense period. However, among pregnant women , there is a risk that anxiety over the security situation will develop into an anxiety attack that negatively impacts the health of the mother and fetus. How is it possible to distinguish between normal anxiety and anxiety which is defined in  medical literature as an “anxiety disorder”?  An anxiety disorder is characterized by the following symptoms:
• Muscle pain or tension
• Disruption of sleeping habits
• Loss of the ability to concentrate on simple daily tasks
• Excessive worry that is difficult to control 

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Don’t be afraid of the fear

fear2-01The security situation in the south of Israel creates a state of anxiety for elderly people living in the south.  Dr. Vered  Hermush,  Director of the Geriatric Department at Laniado Hospital, explains how to recognize symptoms of anxiety among the elderly and how to treat them.
The security situation in the south today naturally creates  various levels  of fear and anxiety in the general population - and how much more so among the elderly.  Therefore, it is important to be aware that anxiety in the elderly does not necessarily indicate emotional illness that requires  psychological or psychiatric treatment.   Anxiety is relatively common  among older people  and therefore there is no need to "be afraid of the fear."   In times of crisis and difficulty, like the current situation in the south,  maintaining a lifestyle that includes anti-anxiety behaviors is highly recommended.  These include exercise, listening to music, breathing exercises and, of course, calls of encouragement and support by family and friends.  In addition, non-drug therapies such as art therapy,  movement relaxation and  animal therapy are also recommended.  As Director of the  Geriatric Department, I can state with certainty that maintaining  this kind of lifestyle makes it possible to deal with anxiety to  a degree that  enables  a  normal routine – depending, of course, on the objective situation, which is far from  simple.

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Lowering the Stress Level in the Secure  Room

Hila Boaz, chief dietician at  Laniado Hospital, offers nutrition tips to reduce stress and anxiety

food-in-warThe level of anxiety among Israelis has been high in recent  days.  Sirens, barrages of rockets, news alerts that heighten the drama and more.  This pressure unquestionably filters down into the secure room or shelter.   According to Hila Boaz, chief dietician at  Laniado Hospital, proper nutrition can improve our ability to cope with anxiety and stress.

Hila, what is the connection between diet and anxiety?   
"The food we ingest enters our body and provides different nutrients. Studies show that specific substances can help in coping with anxiety.  I am also trained as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) therapist and in NLP, the relationship between the physiological and emotional is clear.  I believe that good nutrition and various relaxation exercises can improve the quality of life in the secure area.. "