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New Pathological Laboratory Opens at Sanz Medical Center-Laniado Hospital


Massive development   is evident everywhere at Laniado Hospital. Most recently, a pathology laboratory – one of the most advanced in Israel - was opened in the Laboratories Division.   The laboratory is outfitted with the most advanced equipment for morphological, immunohistochemical, and molecular analysis in order to detect  growths, primarily malignant, in the body and ensure the most appropriate course of treatment.    

 The state-of-the-art equipment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars was purchased with the help of a donation.

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Early diagnosis saved the life of an 81 year-old woman
who contracted tetanus after suffering an injury in a fall

An 81 year-old woman with a history of lung disease was admitted to Laniado Hospital following complaints of shortness of breath and injectiondifficulty swallowing.  Her temperature was normal.  An examination revealed a deep wound in her right elbow, which was treated.  After several days, the woman developed temperature, a locked jaw, and cramps in her face and back and was unable to raise her right hand.  Every movement caused her strong pain and general muscle spasms.  The patient told the hospital staff that several days earlier she had fallen in her yard and injured her elbow.  

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Woman’s life saved – thanks to Shabbat zemirot!woman-saved

“Where are the two young men who sang in my honor?  Because of them, I am alive!” • The doctors had already informed the family of her imminent demise  •  She revived thanks to two yeshiva students who sang Shabbat songs in the department where she was hospitalized A miracle

A moving story took place at the in-patient unit of Laniado Hospital’s Emergency Room

Two yeshiva students from the Sanzer community, who live near Laniado Hospital, have a beautiful  custom:  every Shabbat morning they go through all the Hospital’s departments to give encouragement to the patients.  They distribute sweets and wish everyone a heartfelt “speedy recovery.”

On a recent Shabbat they arrived at the Emergency Room.  They went from room to room, and discovered that a member of their own community, a yeshiva student, was hospitalized there.  In his honor, they began to sing zmirot for Shabbat.

After they had finished, they went to the adjacent bed in the room.   When they opened the curtain, they found a woman of about  60 lying there.  The medical staff had already informed the family that her chances of recovery were nil and the end was near.  She was connected to various devices and her eyes were shut.   But that didn’t prevent the young men from doing what they do.  The wished her a heartfelt speedy recovery, laid down a bag of sweets next to her bed, and bade her  a “Shabbat Shalom.”

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Malaria strikes once againmalaria

Two-year old diagnosed with malaria hospitalized in Laniado Hospital’s Children’s Division

M.L., age two, was admitted to the Emergency Room of Laniado Hospital’s Children’s Division with a high fever and diarrhea.  During the initial examination, the boy was very pale and was breathing laboriously.  Since he had just returned from a visit to Ethiopia and laboratory results indicated anemia and a low blood platelet count, Dr. Nechama Sharon, a pediatric hematologist, and Dr. Uri Rubinstein, a pediatric infectious diseases expert, were consulted.  Their initial diagnosis of malaria was confirmed by an urgent examination conducted by Dr. Yosef Glick, director of the laboratories, and his staff.  Urgent steps were immediately taken against the life-threatening disease.    
Three weeks ago another malaria patient was admitted to the general Intensive Care Unit;  thank G-d, he was released in good condition after  long and difficult treatment.
B.L. had gone to Ethiopia with his mother to visit his ailing grandmother.