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Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar at Laniado’s Pre-Rosh Hashana Reception for StaffRav Amar1

Laniado Hospital’s annual pre-Rosh Hashana reception for staff members was graced this year by the presence of Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Shlomo Amar.    He was warmly greeted by hospital leadership, including CEO Chaim Hammerman; chaplain, Rabbi Yaakov Schwartz; outgoing medical director, Dr. Avinoam Skolnik; and incoming medical director, Prof. Zvi Shimoni. 

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Thumbs up for Laniado’s Emergency PreparednessLanxner

Hospital passes Ministry of Health Emergency audit with flying colors

Laniado Hospital passed with flying colors the recent audit of emergency preparedness for acute crises carried out by the Ministry of Health Emergency Department. The biennial audit examines infrastructure; inventory and medical, organizational and logistical systems in cases of mass casualties, toxicological and biological events, earthquakes or war. 

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Unique Filter Installed on Faucets to Prevent Spread of Infection

Caused by Bacteria Found in Tap Waterregev

One of the most common challenges hospitals must cope with is the spread of infection within the hospital. Scrupulous cleaning of the hospital environment and equipment, hand hygiene, and the isolation of patients with infectious diseases are some of the measures taken to combat this situation along with epidemiological research.
 .Following research conducted at Laniado Hospital that revealed a close relationship between bacteria found in tap water and infection, special filters were installed on faucets in the Intensive Care Unit where patients are particularly vulnerable to infection.  

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International Diabetes Expert Lectures At Laniado sugar

Endocrinologists from the entire Sharon region came to the Diabetes Center for a lecture by Prof. Michael Nowak  

Professor Michael Nowak, a world renowned endocrinologist from Germany, recently delivered a lecture at Laniado Hospitals’ Bildirici Diabetes Center.  He is an expert in the field of innovative medicines – medicines based on hormones in the gastrointestinal tract that affect insulin secretion by the pancreas and influence the body’s sensitivity to insulin and also help in weight loss. Dr. Nowak performs his main work at St. Josef Hospital in Germany;  he is also a member of  international diabetes associations based in Europe and the United States.