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Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Visits Laniado

Cheif Rabbai

The Rishon Lezion, Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, came Laniado to take part in the “l’chayim” held annually for the medical, nursing and administrative staff in honor of the new year.   Rabbi Yosef expressed his best wishes for a good year, stating what a privilege those who work in the medical field have.  
The Chief Rabbi told about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin last year, during which the Russian president noted that "the Jewish people survived thousands of years in exile because of the holy Torah." Rabbi Yosef also recalled memories of his late father, the noted sage, former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef ztz”l.   
Other speakers at the event were Rabbi Chaim Hammerman, CEO of Laniado, who presented the work plan for 5776, the centerpiece of which is the inauguration of the new dialysis department building, and Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Schwartz, shlita, the rav of Laniado, who wished the employees and their families a happy and sweet year.

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Ministry of Health Expresses Appreciation to Laniado


Certification of Appreciation to Laniado for sending medical team on Israeli relief delegation to Nepal.
The director-general of the Ministry of Health awarded Laniado Hospital a Certificate of Appreciation for its participation in the Ministry's humanitarian aid delegation to Nepal, and for the loan of medical equipment to bring patients back to Israel following the severe earthquake that hit that country in April.  Many Israeli tourists were in need of medical treatment in the crisis, when the medical system in Nepal was having difficulty functioning.  In addition, it was necessary to fly a number of patients and premature babies on respirators to Israel.  Laniado Hospital sent Dr. Koby Schiff, a senior physician at the NICU and Mr. Riad Gera, a respiratory technologist, on the Health Ministry delegation to Nepal.
"We have a sacred mission to save lives, whether it's here at Laniado Hospital or anywhere else on Earth", said Laniado CEO Rabbi Chaim Hammerman.  "We immediately responded to the request from the emergency division at the Ministry of Health and will do so in the future, if asked."

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Successful Audit of Laniado's Emergency Preparedness by Ministry of Health Emergency Division and Home Front Command 

Emergency Preparedness

The triennial audit examines preparedness for acute situations

The Ministry of Health Emergency Division recently carried out a comprehensive audit of emergency preparedness at Laniado Hospital. The readiness of the medical, organizational and logistical systems for a mass casualty, toxicological, or biological incident was examined, as well as for an earthquake or long-term war. The audit included a tour of the newly-completed protected division in which medical activities can continue uninterrupted in emergency situations. Plans for the construction of additional protected divisions were also presented.

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Health Ministry Report: Laniado Hospital's Mammography Institute Leading Facility in Sharon Region


The report, published by the National Breast Cancer Center, examines all mammography institutes in Israel, and compares their performance to international objectives for early detection of breast cancer

A report prepared by the National Breast Cancer Center - the Program for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer at the Ministry of Health has revealed interesting data regarding the work of Laniado Hospital's Mammography Institute. The National Breast Cancer Center examined the mammography examinations performed at Israel's mammography institutes and compared their results with the international objectives for early detection of breast cancer.

In addition, the report compared the mammography results with the findings in cases when surgery was performed. The most significant statistic was the "false negative," i.e. the number of examinations that did not detect suspicious findings when the existence of breast cancer was subsequently confirmed. The percentage of false negatives in all categories at Laniado's Mammography Institute was 0%!

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Laniado has Real Quality 

Best hospital

Last week, the Ministry of Health published a report on the National Programme for Quality Indicators in Israeli hospitals. The report, which examined a number of medical indices, found that Laniado Hospital leads medicine in Israel in two indices, generating a wave of positive reaction from the media.    

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Maintaining the Rhythm at Laniado

Dr LeorNew at Laniado’s Goldhammer Heart Institute: electrophysiology laboratory for the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia
The Goldhammer Heart Institute at Laniado Hospital, which only last summer acquired a new catheterization machine, continues to upgrade.  It has just opened a new, state-of-the-art electrophysiology laboratory, with cutting-edge equipment that enables physicians to treat various heartbeat disorders. Patients in the Sharon area will be able to receive the  most innovative treatment without long waits for appointments.

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Self-Monitoring Tool Developed at Laniado’s pharmacy

saiidSelf-Monitoring Tool Developed at Laniado’s pharmacy
Proposed for Adoption by European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Complex work processes that involve transferring prescriptions between departments and transporting drugs in a large medical center require close supervision. Pharmacy management necessitates strict control procedures. The Director of Laniado Hospital’s pharmacy, Mr. Said Amarna, has developed an innovative self-monitoring tool for this purpose.