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2017 data for Laniado’s Maternity Department:

The Mother is at the Center and Can Choose How to Give Birth

Laniado has lowest rate of C-sections in OECDbaby1
Some 8,000 babies entered the world over the course of the past year in Laniado Hospital’s Maternity Department, according to recently released data for 2017.  The statistics further revealed that only 15.8% of the births were performed by Caesarean section, compared with a national average of 17.8%.  Furthermore, 77.4% of the women who gave birth to their first baby by C-section were subsequently able to have normal deliveries (VBAC births) at Laniado – compared with the national average of 73.3%.  And 58.5% of the women who underwent two Caesarean sections subsequently succeeded in giving birth normally.  This data is particularly impressive given the fact that while the childbirth rate among  Israeli women is the highest among the 35 OECD countries, Israel has the lowest rate of Caesarean sections.   
VBAC births are clinically complex, but the medical staff at Laniado provides a clinical envelope that is safe and allows a regular delivery without surgical intervention – even for  mothers who have undergone many Caesarean sections.

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The Movement for Freedom of Information: Laniado Hospital's NICU among Top Three in Israel
simons and litig

A report published last week by the Movement for Freedom of Information names the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Laniado Hospital one of top three in Israel in terms of premature infant mortality rate.  The report, which is based on data from the Ministry of Health, showed that the mortality rate in 2016 at Laniado was only 0.9% - one of the lowest in Israel - compared with a mortality rate of over 3% at other medical centers.
This achievement is particularly impressive in light of the complexity of treating preterm babies, and particularly in light of the severe shortage of manpower in this field in general.
"The report is encouraging and reflects the great investment made by the medical and nursing staff," says Dr. Aryeh Simmonds, director of the NICU. This investment is proving itself.  We will continue to work hard in order to improve even more."
Etty Littig, head nurse at the NICU, noted that “Working in the NICU is challenging work that involves advanced technology and special care by skilled medical and nursing staffs in providing the treatment needed by our premature babies.

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Dr. Amir Weintraub Appointed Deputy Medical Director at Laniado
dr Weintraub

Dr. Amir Weintraub, Director of the IVF Unit at Laniado Hospital, has been appointed deputy medical director of the hospital, in addition to his current position.   A graduate of the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, Dr. Weintraub did internship in obstetrics and gynecology at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem and sub-internship in fertility at the University of Toronto in Canada.  He also took a course in department management given by the Israel Medical Association, and is a member of the respective Israeli and European Fertility Associations.   He has served as a scientific reviewer for several international journals and received various awards for his research work and excellence in teaching medical students at the Hebrew University.

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Results of Important Geriatric Research at Laniado Presented
at Annual Israel Geriatric Association Conference

shimoni and chermosh

Two of Laniado’s senior staff members ably represented the hospital at the recent Israel Geriatric Association conference, the most important platform for the presentation of research and innovations pertaining to the treatment of geriatric patients.    
Prof. Zvi Shimoni, medical director of Laniado Hospital, presented a research paper on eliminating unnecessary antibiotic treatments through urine testing, thereby avoiding possible damage to the immune system and other serious side effects that antibiotics can cause, in this age of growing resistance to antibiotics.   
Dr. Vered Hermush, director of the Geriatric Department, presented a research paper on detecting stomach stoma (holes) radiologically. 

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Participants in Police Officers Course Spread Cheer at Laniado

Police OfficersAs part of a “contributing to the community project,”  participants in a Israel Police National Police College course for advanced staff officers came to Laniado Hospital recently, where they distributed gaily wrapped bags of candy bearing notes:  “A speedy recovery.”  
"Beyond being a training grounds and source of education for policemen and officers, the Israel Police National Police College espouses the right to contribute to the community,” said Superintendent Ran Malka, the commander of the course.

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Special First Responders Training Course Held at Laniado

LanxnerJoint effort of The Home Front Command and Laniado
Laniado Hospital's Emergency Preparedness Unit recently trained some 30 staff members and volunteers to deal with emergency situations that require immediate intervention.  The First Responders course is designed to train staff and volunteers to provide rescue and relief during mass disasters such as an earthquake.   
The Emergency Preparedness Unit deals with the preparedness of the Medical Center for various emergency situations - multi-casualty events, war, terror events involving non-conventional elements and more.  The work is carried out under the supervision of the Home front Command and the Emergency Division of the Ministry of Health.  

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Hydrosonography testing now available at Laniado

dr WeintraubWomen living in the center of Israel and the Sharon region will now have access to hydrosonography examinations – a minimally invasive ultrasound procedure that can determine if there are abnormalities that could interfere with pregnancy

The test - a 3D ultrasound imaging scan of the uterus and the fallopian tubes  that does not entail exposure to x-ray or iodine - will be performed by the director of the IVF Unit at Laniado, and deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department, Dr. Amir Weintraub.
The test is used to assess infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, irregular bleeding, and to check and rule out suspicious findings such as polyps, adhesions, obstructions, malformations, and more. Also makes it possible to evaluate the uterine cavity in advance of  IVF treatment
The scan, which is widely used throughout the world, is playing a growing role in Israel as a substitute for a hysteroscopy or photo of the womb.

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First Head-Neck Surgery at Laniado

dr polakDr. Jeffrey Pollack, head of  New ENT Institute, performs complex parotid operation

Dr. Jeffrey Pollack, head of Laniado Hospital's newly opened Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, and an internationally renowned ENT specialist, recently performed complex parotid (salivary) gland surgery to remove a recurrent tumor in the cheek, ear, and neck region.
“We used a special facial nerve monitor to follow the progress of the surgery in order to prevent damage to the nerve that controls the facial movements and to treat the scar tissue from the previous operation,” said Dr. Pollack, who has performed hundreds of similar operations abroad.