Medical Dep. Children's Medical Center
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The Korall Children’s Medical Center

The Myrna and Kenneth Neiman Children’s Pavilion


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Department Director:                             
Dr. Yaakov Shechter
Specialist in Pediatric Pulmonology           

Head Nurse:
Mrs. Rifka Landau


Assistant Department Head: Dr. Nechama Sharon, Specialist in Pediatric Hemato-Oncology

General Description

The Korall Children’s Medical Center of the Myrna and Kenneth Neiman Children’s Pavilion was expanded in 2004. The Children’s Medical Center staff offers medical treatment to children from birth until age sixteen. The department physicians form a multi-disciplinary professional system experienced in the entire range of children’s diseases, from congenital disorders to typical pediatric illnesses such as infectious diseases, meningitis, lung infections, severe and chronic diarrhea, asthma, stridor, and bronchiolitis in young babies.

The principle that guides the professional staff of the Korall Children’s Medical Center integrates optimal medical care with a warm, home-like atmosphere for the sick child and the patient’s family, including emotional support throughout the entire hospitalization process.

The department has twenty rooms with thirty hospital beds. Some rooms have two beds, while others have just one bed. Each room has a private bathroom and shower for the comfort of the patient.

The medical staff cares for approximately five hundred children each month. Most are residents of the Sharon Valley area.

The department has a pediatric lung clinic for post-hospitalization follow-up. This clinic does not require a payment voucher from the health funds. The Children’s Medical Center also operates a pediatric hematooncology unit, directed by Dr. Nechama Sharon. This unit treats anemia, ITP, terminal diseases, and metabolic disorders (such as Gaucher disease). The types of treatments given in this unit are: blood products, IVIG, chemotherapy, and cerezyme.


Learning Center

The department has an educational system that operates as an independent school, offering educational services for hospitalized children.

The educational staff includes two qualified teachers with expertise in early childhood education, ill children, and special education; one art instructor; and one instructor in oral hygiene.

The education area includes:

  1. Early childhood room—from age three through first grade. This room also serves other ages in the Children’s Medical Center when educational activities for them are unavailable.
  2. Computer room—designed for computer-aided learning of topics such as: operating computer equipment, use of databases, reading, mathematics, distance learning (through Kav-Or organization), interaction with students at other medical centers, and communication with the pupil’s school.
  3. Private room­—for private discussions with therapists or psychologists.
  4. Indoor play-space—large area for activity and learning, designed for pre-school age children. Before holidays and on other occasions, parties are hosted here.


The Children’s Medical Center also has:

  • A varied library—with books for the religious public, books about medical topics and holidays, and a large number of reference books for children
  • Educational and social games
  • Worksheets
  • Computer games
  • Arts-and-crafts


Additional activities:

  • Preparation for operations
  • Medical clowns
  • Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Community-sponsored activities 
    Over the years, the department has developed close ties with local and overseas communities, through schools, youth groups, old age homes, high-tech companies, the army, prisons, and the municipal youth department. These connections are expressed before holidays, through written correspondence, internet, distribution of gift boxes and greeting cards to the children, and performances. In addition, the department is in contact with schools in Canada and the United States, by snail mail and e-mail.
  • Sunflower Program
    The educational center is part of the Sunflower Program of the ORT Leibowitz High School in Netanya. The high school students are responsible for continuing school activities in the afternoon and evening hours, in the fields of education, arts-and-crafts, and social activities.


The Children’s Medical Center staff offers comprehensive treatment, from intake of the child to medical treatment, support from a social worker for patient and family, and the expertise of a special teacher assigned to the patient. At each stage of the hospitalization process, the child and family members have an address to which they can turn for support.

The Educational Center at Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital provides an answer for the educational needs of each child hospitalized in the department, following the Ministry of Education curriculum and the accepted standards in the regular educational system, in the principal fields of mathematics, science, and holidays. Children acquire knowledge and strategies for independent learning in accordance with their age, levels of physical and emotional health, and educational achievement.


Department Staff

The medical staff includes nine highly experienced specialists. They include: a pediatric infectious disease specialist, a pediatric endocrinologist, an adolescent specialist, and an emergency medicine specialist. The nursing staff includes: a head nurse, two assistant head nurses, twenty-one professional nurses, three support staff, a social worker, a dietician, and a physical therapist.


 Hours for Medical Rounds

Every day between 9:30-13:00.


Times for receiving medical information

Sun.-Thu.: 13:30-14:30

Fri.: 12:30-13:00


Visiting Hours

Every day between: 16:00-20:00


Meal Times

Breakfast: 8:00

Lunch: 12:00

Supper: 18:00


Contact Us

Nurses Station:

Phone: 972-9-8604700, 972-9-8604674

Fax: 972-9-8609306


Phone: 972-9-8604677

Fax: 972-9-8604738


Department Location

Medical Center Building – 1st floor

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