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Medical Aspects of Family and Couple Therapy


The Family and Couple Therapy Clinic at Laniado Hospital-Sanz Medical Center acts as an interface between the family/couple and the medical services of the hospital. On the staff in this unit are a physician, nurse, and social worker, all specialists in family/couple therapy.


For whom is this clinic designed?

This clinic serves families and couples who have difficulties following an encounter with various medical situations that influence the communication patterns among family members. The new situation created may seem threatening, and arouses a range of new emotions within family members, such as anger, loneliness, fear, guilt, and mainly the pain involved in losing the treasured former routine.

Family/couple therapy allows everyone to put everything on the table—to speak openly about the new situation and to organize to restore balance to the couple or family.

 Family & Couple Therapy

Which situations are candidates for Family Therapy?

Why Laniado?

We offer a combination of physician, nurse, and social worker. Counseling from a medical viewpoint is unique to Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital. Our staff members have many years of knowledge and experience working with patients and their families, in many medical situations.



Dr. Meir Zohar - Director of the Nephrology Unit, trained in family therapy, speaks Hebrew and French.

Mrs. Chedva Stern - Head nurse of the IVF Unit at Laniado, trained in Couples Therapy of Dr. Urit Arbel, speaks Hebrew and Yiddish.  

Mrs. Yehudit Farjun - MA in Social Work in the field of rehabilitation and health, Accredited couple and family therapist. Speaks Hebrew and English.


Waiting time
Two weeks.


Contact Us
Phone number for more information or appointment: 972-57-7516466.