Institutions & Clinics Rehabilitation Wing
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Weinreb Rehabilitation Wing -

The Leon and Sabina Weinreb Institute for Rehabilitation


Mrs. Nomi Tuvia

Department Director:
Mrs. Naomi Tuvia
Certified Physical Therapist


The Leon and Sabina Weinreb Institute for Rehabilitation provides a multi-disciplinary approach to those for the those suffering from disturbances in the mobility system, pain, and respiratory difficulty. The physiotherapists at the center have been specially trained in a wide range of physiotherapy treatments.


Treatments offered at the Institute for Rehabilitation:



Group Therapy for Fall Prevention and Balance Improvement

Treatments for Rehabilitation of Dizziness

Group Therapy for Stroke or Parkinson’s Patients

Respiratory Treatments and Respiratory Rehabilitation

Kinesio Taping

Physical Activity for Diabetes Patients


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Department Location

Geriatric Wing - Top floor

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