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In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Unit




Chedva Stern


Diana Stein





Department Director:
Dr. Amir Weintraub                    
Head Nurse
Mrs. Chedva Stern                       
Laboratory Director:
Mrs. Diana Shtein          

Infertility is a growing phenomenon that affects 8 to 12 percent of couples around the world.  In addition to the pain inherent in the inability to conceive, which is well documented already in the Bible, barrenness can often be calamitous to an otherwise stable and loving marriage.  Infertility is particularly devastating among Jews, who are commanded to procreate, and especially in the child-oriented State of Israel, for which population growth, following the destruction of one-third of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, is a national priority.

Failure to conceive may be caused by hormonal (e.g. high FSH, premature ovarian failure, ovulation problems) or mechanical (e.g. blocked fallopian tubes) problems, immunological problems in either partner, low male fertility – or may have no apparent reason.


What is IVF?

Fortunately, in-vitro fertilization ( IVF) treatment - the process by which eggs cells are extracted from the woman' s ovaries and fertilized with the husband's sperm outside the body – can offer couples the opportunity to conceive their own biological child.  Fertilized eggs are incubated and then returned to the uterus.  Despite the length, difficulty, and uncertainty of the process, IVF offers the only hope for many childless couples to overcome the pain of infertility and experience the pleasures of parenthood.

The process includes daily hormone injections, blood tests, ultra-sound examinations and various invasive procedures performed under general anesthesia.

In cases where the woman is sick, the eggs may be frozen and preserved for use at a later time.


The In-Vitro Fertilization Unit
Laniado's state-of-the-art In-Vitro Fertilization Unit opened its doors in late 1999, and within the year it welcomed its first child. Laniado's staff of leading fertility specialists performs approximately 500 procedures a year. More than 200 new lives have already been created thanks to treatment by the IVF Unit.

Health funds

  • Laniado Hospital works with all health funds.
  • The health funds are required by law to pay for treatments for the first two  children.
  • The cost of treatment for additional children may be defrayed by supplementary insurance.



  • The IVF procedure is performed in strict compliance with halachic standards;   the Unit operates under the supervision of Laniado's chaplain, Rabbi Y. Schwartz.
  • The wife's eggs are fertilized by her husband's sperm; there are no donations of sperm or eggs from volunteers.
  • To protect the privacy of the couples undergoing this very sensitive procedure, the IVF Unit is separate from the rest of the hospital.


Contact Us

Nurses Station:

Phone: 972-9-8604532, 972-9-8604590


Department Location

Medical Center Building – 3rd floor

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