Medical Dep. Oncology
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Mrs. Ziva Hanuka

Department Director:                            
Dr. Nil Fredman

Head Nurse:                
Mrs. Ziva Hanuka



The oncology unit was founded eleven years ago. The unit operates as an outpatient oncology clinic for chemotherapy and/or supporting treatment. In cases requiring oncology hospitalization, patients are hospitalized in the Internal Medicine Departments and/or Hematology Department. Patients requiring radiation treatment are treated at hospitals with radiation clinics, with the Sanz Medical CenterLaniado Hospital unit arranging the appointments and the first meeting with the radiation physicians.

The oncology unit operates in conjunction with the other hospital departments (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Maternity, Urology, etc.).

The unit receives about 350 outpatient visits per month. On an average day, 15-20 of these come for chemotherapy, and 3-6 for follow-up. About twenty new patients are treated each month. The staff is available 24 hours a day. Upon check-in at the unit, the patient is given the private telephone/cellular phone number of a staff member available for phone consultation at any time of the day. The unit’s nursing staff assists with problems in accordance with the physical, emotional, social, and economic needs of the patient and family. The medical staff is experienced, sensitive, and professional.


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Oncology Department

The unit treats

  • Digestive tract tumors
  • Bladder cancer
  • Breast tumors
  • Gynecological tumors: ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Pulmonary cancer
  • Provides treatment and management of pain and symptoms.



The patients benefit from free services whose goal is to make their stay in the unit during treatments more enjoyable. Services offered include:

  • Laughter workshop—weekly. Sponsored by Roche­—Helping Hand for the Patient.
  • Reflexology—private treatment for patients suffering from oncological pain or in need of emotional support. The program is adapted for oncology patients. Offered weekly by a qualified senior therapist. Sponsored by Roche­—Helping Hand for the Patient.
  • Guided Imagery—private treatment. Offered weekly by a qualified therapist. Sponsored by Roche­—Helping Hand for the Patient.
  • Art Therapy—in groups, for women. Afternoon hours, with a qualified nurse trained in art therapy. See Roche­—Helping Hand for the Patient.
  • Relationship support group for patients and families—bimonthly for two hours. Led by trained nurse. Sponsored by the Israel Cancer Association.
  • Shiatsu for oncology patients—by a trained senior therapist. Sponsored by Roche—Helping Hand for the Patient.
  • Movement therapy—weekly, depending on number of participants.
  • Cosmetics workshop—sponsored by a project of the Israel Cancer Association, “Look good—feel better.”
  • Medical clowns—Sponsored by Roche—Helping Hand for the Patient.
  • Art workshops—Sponsored by Roche—Helping Hand for the Patient.
  • Indian cards workshop­— Sponsored by Roche—Helping Hand for the Patient.

Additional services

  • Wig service—wig styling, hats, and scarves, offered by a volunteer and the unit staff.
  • Mouth treatment—instruction in mouth treatments according to grade and maturity level of tissue damage.
  • Instruction kit for patients—instruction according to various treatment protocols.

Treatments offered in the oncology system

  • Chemotherapy
  • Physician examination and follow-up of recovered cancer patients
  • Palliative treatment

Oncology Department

The Medical Staff

Dr. Yael Merrick - Specialist in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy Oncolgy, sub-specialty in Head-neck Cancers(or growths ), and in breast related illness and breast Cancers (or growths)

Dr. Meir Zehavi - Training: Palliative Care and studies in Chinese Medicine

The Nursing Staff

Mrs. Ziva Hanuka - RN/BA/MA, Hemato-oncology Nursing Supervisor, BA in Psychology and Communication, MA in group counselling and art therapies

Mrs. Ida Raizman - RN/BA, Senior Hemato-Urology Nurse, Training: Oncology ,Hemato-oncology and Public Health

Mrs. Maayan Tzadok - BA,  Training: Counselling of attack victims and Mental Health


Working Hours

Sun., Mon., Tue., Thu: 8:00-16:00


Contact Us
Phone Numbers
Nurses Station: 972-9-8604716
Directors Secretary: 972-9-8604258, 972-9-8604252


Department Location

East Wing – 3rd floor

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