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The S. Daniel Abraham Geriatric Center

“Beit Avraham”


Mr. Mordechai Kirshenbaum

Administrative Director: 

Mr. Mordechai Kirshenbaum                       



The geriatrics department located adjacent to Laniado Hospital is called “Beit Avraham,” in honor of S. Daniel Abraham.

Beit Avraham was founded in 1983 in order to provide a solution for those in Netanya and the surrounding area in need of nursing care

The professional staff offers high-level services combined with knowledge, skills, dedication, and the commitment to honor and preserve the patients’ rights. The staff is especially skilled in listening to the patients, understanding their feelings, and providing for their needs. Beit Avraham offers a wide range of activities (see list below). In 2003, Beit Avraham moved into a new, modern building equipped with the latest technology. This was made possible thanks to donations, including funds from the Conference on Jewish Claims Against Germany.



Beit Avraham has three departments:
In Nursing Care Departments I and II, the patients are referred and subsidized either privately or by the Israel Ministry of Health. Nursing Care Department III is for the most complex situations demanding an especially high level of nursing care, and the patients are referred by the various health funds. All of the departments have spacious rooms designed for one or two patients. Each room has a private bathroom and shower. Each department has a large hall for meals and activities, a large balcony, and sitting areas.

The building has a sample apartment for rehearsing the return home, for patients who are able to return to their own homes after their stay.


Department Activities

  • Physical therapy on a daily plan with a wide range of equipment
  • Occupational therapy
  • Employment consultation
  • Therapeutic swimming pool
  • Gardening therapy, in cooperation with the Council for a Beautiful IsraelGeriatric Department
  • Movement therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Support and instruction groups for families
  • Trips outside the department with family
  • Animal care
  • Sing-alongs with accordion accompaniment
  • Parties on holidays


Medical Staff

The medical staff includes five physicians: two geriatric specialists, two internal medicine specialists, and one emergency medicine specialist.


Nursing Staff

The nursing staff includes:

Twenty-six nurses, of whom twenty-three are registered nurses, eight have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and two have a master’s degree in nursing. The members of the nursing staff take a number of advanced training courses: four in clinical training, three in geriatrics, and one in dialysis.


Professional Staff

  • Three social workers, one of whom has a master’s degree in rehabilitation and health and is a family care worker.
  • Three experienced geriatric physiotherapists.
  • One occupational therapist who is an expert in geriatric care and in therapy for the hand in particular.
  • One art therapist
  • One movement therapisאגף הסיעודיתt


Visiting Hours:




Meal Times:

Morning: 8:00

Morning tea: 10:30

Lunch: 12:00

Afternoon tea: 16:30

Supper: 18:30

Evening: 22:30 (According to Patients Request)


Contact Us

Phone Numbers:

secretary: 972-9-8609102

Nursing Care Department I: 972-9-8609105

Nursing Care Department II: 972-9-8609104

Nursing Care Department III: 972-9-8609298/9

Fax: 972-9-8609103



Department Location

Geriatric Wing - 1st floor

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